My inspiration came in 2012 while shopping at a festival in Austin.  I was looking for "Steampunk Style" jewelry and found almost none.  Although Steampunk is not all I do, it is a major inspiration for me. 

As an artist, I appreciate the aesthetics of the Steampunk culture.  The Victorian feel of an Age of Reason and Wonder, to incorporate the elements, minus the costume (although I do LOVE the costumes)!!  In other words, to create a line of art, inspired by Steampunk, using clean lines, refined and sophisticated for everyday.

Steampunk  Inspired ART


My name is Troy Daniel, the Coggler.  So, what is a Coggler you might ask.  A Coggler, or Primocoggler, is an artist who uses cog and gear motifs, Steampunk and Industrial themes, to create art.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and now reside in Austin, Texas.  I studied Art, Theater and Photography at the University of North Texas in Denton.  My love of art has been life long.  I enjoy drawing and painting and the beauty of photography.  I briefly owned a photography business where I did headshots for actors, but the pool was so small that it was difficult to sustain.  I then spent the next several years in the food service industry.